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“Geopolitics of XXI century will be cosmo-humanist in its essence” – about the power of information and policy of millennium III with acad. Albert Ignatenko

A.V.IgnatenkoMr acad. Albert Ignatenko, from Alvin Toffler so far, most of us know that information means power, or more precisely, who owns the information, leads the world(dictum found also on the header of your site). At the same time, the last decades have shown us that much information, actually means less information. The system thought by you would essentially establish a new paradigm in which not nude information (and more), but how we understand, classify, use information means power?

Let’s start with some minimal information about the system. I am a scientist who relies its work on Informatiology science which was born in 1992 (the founder of this science is the Russian scientist Ivan Yuzvishin) and which defined in clear terms what is information. In order to efficiently use information, communication or, for example, to dissipate the clouds, improve sports skills, we must accurately define and understand what is information. From the scientific point of view. We need to know the law of conservation of information, to know what is energy, matter, motion. And if we collect these communication methods, we need to know and what is human like system. And human is an energo-informational system. After we know all this, we can form successful communicators who will use verbal, non-verbal methods, regular or matrix programs, with a higher or lower density of information. It is evolutionary alphabet of life that, generally, people do not know (and it’s not necessarily to know such complicated things). It’s similar to like I would do a course on a supercomputer, but I don`t know their basic programs, I can tell you that this computer is a super machine but this is all, because I do not understand how it works. Because we work with human capabilities, and capabilities actually means information, we need to know classification of information, and how fast work some kind of information, how to increase the penetration ability of information, how to form informational programs that would work at both – verbally and non-verbally.

You did not reply to my question …

Yes, there were many scientists who predicted that the XX-th century and the XXI century will be informational, but as a science, it’s is owed by Russian scientist Ivan Yuzvishin. And I translated his ideas on the individual, and I defined the human system, classification of information, the model of the universe, the mechanisms and patterns of development, and since 1999 these sciences have begun to be studied. Although I started studying human potential since 1963 – so half a century ago, it received the status of science only in 1999. Then, at the beginning of my work, there wasn`t Informatiology, I was a supporter of materialism, then I experienced the energy, psychological suggestion and then informatiology. Now it is a science and allows us, without wasting a lot of time to give people the ABCs of human evolution. Cosmo-humanism is a new paradigm, a new way. We have thought the 36-year plans, from which have already been 12 years. Now is the next stage for 12 years, and at the end of the 3 phases, we plan to achieve the Golden Age. A man who holds the new “thinking system” can work with effectiveness of a million people. Automatically he can to help millions of people to process their Kharma. Remotely. I, for example, every evening send programs to many people, different programs, and billions of people receiving these programs. And they shrink Kharma. Eliminating Kharma, negative information, these people live better, are healthier, they can open their psycho-mental capabilities and use better their potential, get better jobs so they improve life in its entirety.

However, look, the United States, which are the greatest power in the world and which probably have the most complete database (we even had recent disclosures made by Snowden about PRISM program), has not been too useful this huge accumulation of information …

In this context intervenes the ability to make provision, prognosis, so there are channels forecasts. But if you do not know how is working human system, obviously you cannot access those channels of prediction. Can you hold all the information in the world but you cannot tell what will happen in one place or another in the world. Each level of human consciousness has its capabilities: the first level, for example, is the ability to love yourself, to those close, the two level other skills … intuition, essential in prognostic are on the six. If on the six level the specialist is devoid of Kharma, then the channel is open and he can accurately prognosis what will be in the future. If the levels above are opened, or a person uses all levels of consciousness simultaneously, he can to reschedule crises (eg, the existence of a tsunami – directing energy from minus to plus, its effects can be reduced considerably). There are various options to work with the human system. The system thought of me has specified what kind of capabilities has human body and how to use them to maximum. Many people have incredible capabilities but are blocked by kharma. If one person has more information negative on the seventh world/level, he/she will not be able to use voice, cannot to sing beautifully, and will not be able to use hands skillfully. Not knowing how the universe is built, we could not even know where is kharma and which is the corresponding level of consciousness. Knowing all these aspects, we can improve our health and the way in which each of us conceives the human existence. This is valid also to the state /nation to forecast economic growth, improve social conditions, educational system or to prevent their decline. Person with “the key of his becoming” can do everything. And not only very talented people, that every people can. People affected by kharma / negative information, will learn these technologies more slowly, and others will learn faster.

I cannot fail to remark the “sophisticated manner” of presentation of your system (essentially one with scientific rules and austere explanations ) … Elegance lends credibility?

I am graduated of 3 faculties and I achieve 6 academic titles. One of my specializations is the Psychology of human resources management. And it happens to read lessons for people with important status (bankers, top managers, human resources specialists) and to teach them how to communicate in an efficient way. I don`t tell them that there is universe, aura, kharma, I explain them in a technocratic way: “Behold, it is the human system! I show them the picture. Human has 12 levels of consciousness. You use your physical body, intellect. But the above, where the speed of execution of programs is greater, you do not use it. Therefore, when directed a number significant of people, you have insignificant results. But those who have already studied these technologies will achieve 97% percent higher”. Thus, for 6 hours, I teach them the new system of thought, I teach a series of very simple technologies, suggestion, psycho-suggestion, cosmo-enio-psycho-suggestion way, and all those PSY-IT methods by which people begin to work easier, improves quality of work, they are healthier, more engaged also for the benefit of others. For teachers have a different program, for physicians other programs etc.

The social system which will leads from the whole system of the Golden Age will be one based on meritocracy ?

Our program has economists of elite who will give new economic systems, we have teachers who will think new educational systems, politicians who will build a different way of doing politics.

Sounds nice. But to go beyond conceptual level, also can give me some examples ?

We have a project that proved to be functional. It is already working. We do not depend on anyone to put it into practice.

I understood that, Mr. Ignatenko. But I’m more pragmatic by nature, so I insist on practical examples …

For example, former President of Slovakia, Rudolf Shuster, when he wanted to become president, asked me to help. And I’ve helped him from distance and he became president. He was given an informational program that he respected and succeeded. Usually I don`t publish the names of politicians who help only after a minimum of 5-7 years. So it is in every field of activity, economy, finance, education, health. The politician must have all those qualities which to situate him in the informational elite. I have a few countries where from among youth preparing future presidential candidates.

And how it looms this elite of the informational era ?

If you ask a psychologist or a teacher, or even a politician “What is elite?”, no one would be able to give an answer …

Sorry for I interrupt you, but I think that the majority of people can tell you what is elite, just that the current “elite” is proving to be very far from the landmarks of human values that you are referring … Therefore I ask you how will look the future elite, how will differ from the current one ?

Elite of the future means intellect, culture, power of thought, will and spirit, ethics and aesthetics, and intuition, kindness and love of people, and of course faith and respect for creation. When a person respect, meets all these requirements, and knows what it means human as a system and how information works in this system and etheric planes, then he can become a specialist, an absolute professional, regardless of area in which he operate. The people are preparing by us will be elite. There are people of different bills, are very rich people who do not from their wealth the main benchmark, and people with ordinary income. They are highly skilled doctors who treat from the common people to the current “elite”, are teachers and pedagogues who educate children from different families as social status, there are many well-known artists. We work with about 20 academies, with the University of Fundamental Studies in Oxford network where already is my department of psycho-energo-informatiology. We work with many countries in the world and we have 21 specializations. psycho-informational, psycho-pedagogues informational, etc.. We work also with the structure for preparing security professionals etc..

Because you just mentioned security forces specialists, what is your relationship with the secret services ?

I work with many international organizations in the field of protection and security, for example, the International Committee of the fight against terrorism, but not only. There are transnational organizations. Officially, I don`t work with intelligence institutions of any state.

And informal ?

No, is not the case. I’m not interested about. I work with global organizations. We have our own “United Nations Organization” that is already registered and there will work the cosmo-humanists. I am also attached to the Interpol. I created some international committees for the protection of presidents of states, we have a global political project, and all of these organizations have been registered in the USA. There is an International Committee for the fight against corruption, etc. People already want to live differently, and most of them recognize that old system is obsolete one. I did a lot things in my life, but all I did was for my direction, to be a scientist, and socially I do not work for myself. I have everything, absolutely everything. Since our organization handles a big project overall, it will enhance the participation of all those involved. Already with us working more and more scientist of worldwide. Only in Ukraine we have over 600, about 400 from Russia, and as a community we have the latest technology. Technology to create renewable energy, about the same thought of Nikolas Tesla, even more effective, we have a tremendous wealth, but organic, because the future world will not fight (for grabbing resources) but will evolve, will get the spiritual awakening. And the most expensive product of cosmo-humanists organization: youth. Nobody in the world has this product, regardless of how much money they have. Among those who are in our organization, about 200,000 globally, are few who have this product, they can rejuvenate the body and, slowly, step by step will learn that many people. And they get for this product million and billion dollars.

Excellent, Professor! But it would be a small problem though … now it seems we are too many on the planet (as confirmed even by the UN)! What we will do if we also will live very long ?…

When people will get to live very long, they will not have many children, at most one or two, but the most people who have a lot of Kharma will go. They will choose this. To people do not destroy anyone, it’s a fantasy, people own self-destruction, as happens with some African countries, as is the case with Egypt that was once a thriving country. In the future, people who will remain – will have a minimal Kharma, I speak about 1-2 billion and they will live very well. And those who will be born will have a minimum Kharma, they will think differently than today. This is a system taken over / processed by us and in future will prepare some movies on this topic. Everything is made simple and brilliant. Obtaining from the system the simple and brilliant information, can lead humanity on a very short path to evolve.

You speak of a program until 2036. I don`t know how attractive is such an alternative because, behold, the new generations seem to be much less patient than the adults. Young generations want everything , without much effort and if it can right now. What would you tell them ?

Nothing can be achieved without a little effort. Until 1991, I published approx. 600 articles in all publications of the former USSR, and even now I keep this good habit to write 15-20 articles per year (that’s right, more for the specialized publications). After the Congress of community of psychologists from 1984, scientists from the former Soviet were titrated in their journals that Ignatenko created hypnosis technique through non-verbal method. But I did not use hypnosis. Hypnosis is a very narrow space compared to the psycho-suggestion. I have dedicated much study of research of my career to the psychological suggestion by demonstrate that it deserves the status of science with legal papers (and all this in a country with a deep attachment to materialistic ideology). And the results have been seen only in 1993, when the scientific community has accepted (as a result of arguments and the research foundation) the new humanities science, completely independent of any ideology. Also, I did not achieve a fulminant international acknowledgment overnight, I got the first PhD in 1996 and then followed the other. True, I had great leaders of the Russian science (Ivan Yuzvishin, and others) who have shown an interest in my research, and this has meant a lot for me. And of course, I took into account the fact that everything is new and gets out of traditional patterns is initially rejected, because of inertia and resistance to change of the human community in general. Now all these results already exist and things can run much faster.

What kind of students are preferring you ? It’s easier if there is a certain educational or spiritual background ?

There aren`t categories of people better or worse, more or less capable. There are only teachers / instructors without grace! I work with people from all sections of society without any discrimination. In fact, my first specialization is pedagogue.

How will be geopolitics of the XXI century,  Mr. Ignatenko ?

Cosmo-humanist. Geopolitics of the XXI century will be one universal, based on the science of human and toward the benefit of human, based on the information laws by which the human system is built, similar to universal. And the politicians will understand that they must work for the benefit of humanity and respect for universal laws.

How many such politicians know you? Because, honestly, I don`t know too many which to give  signs of “spiritual awakening” …

It’s a misperception. Not quantity, but quality matters. A well-trained politician can change the mindset of huge communities, he can work with millions of people. I assure you that in 2036 you will see the results. All people are good, they have a great potential, in Russia like in Romania, Moldova or Ukraine, on the other side of Europe or America. Everyone wants a different life, in agreement with the values ​​of humanism.

If you said that all people are good, then I cannot avoid next questions (in the most authentically Russian style !): Who’s responsible because we live in a world devoid of human robust references, a consumerist world in dissolution? What can be done ?

Our ancestors. They went to wars of conquest, led oppression of other peoples, have accumulated negative kharma. The horrors of conflict of the last 2000 years and even before of, had generated a huge accumulation of negative information, which in turn attracted also negative information. We must to work to eliminate this negative legacy.

You mentioned (in a previous interview) about a conservation program of Romania`s geno-found. It’s an indirect way of warning that our nation is in danger ?

I love Romania! Romanian women are wonderful!

Thank you, Professor,  on behalf of my co-nationals …

Regarding to your question, it is a basic program which I held in all the countries where I am working, and because Romania is among the countries that I have old and steadfast relationship, it is understood that could not miss to this program. In 1994, when I first came to Romania, I was impressed by the development of para-psychological research and earnestness of those who were working in this field. Then I noticed that in your country the level of spirituality is higher so that people learn more easily, are more open to new information techniques, and for this reason, in future we wish start collaborating on an academic level for studying this science and the programs related.

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