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International solidarity with our cause is a key factor, that united with dissidence both inside and outside Cuba will give us victory – consider ex-ally Fidel Castro, prof. Perdo Fuentes Cid, spokeman of Politico Presidio Cubano

Pedro Fuentes Cid had fought for the liberation of Cuba to free its people from under the corrupted hands of the dictator Batista. Soon he had realized that Castro had betrayed the revolution and was a tyrant. One day while he getting from a friends house the army fired over a hundred shoots into his car as he returned fire. In the end he said he could not believe he lived because there were over 140 bullet holes in the car. He said he is convinced he survived because of his faith in God. Now, Pedro Fuentes-Cid live in Miami (USA) and is one of the key-people in the negotiation for future of Cube.

Fidel Castro and Raul Castro – convinced the Communists, or the proclamation of a communist ideology for them is a necessary measure, as a way to preserve their own influence in the country by means of a strong Soviet Union?
Fidel Castro used the communist ideology as a way to  remain in power and also for protection against the USA due to his anti american feelings. His favorite book was Mein Kamp by Adolf Hitler, but he could not steer the revolution in the Nazi direction, so resorting to a strong Soviet Union gave him also financial support.

Recently, Raoul Castro was in visit to Moscow and singned a treat with president Medvedev, but without reveals about. What do you thing ?
I think the main reason for Raul  to visit  Moscow was the same that drove him to Brazil and Venezuela, to ask for food. The Cuban government at that time did not have food to offer the population for the following week, and now after all his visits  is still short.

What kind of goals had been pursue the struggle against Batista originally?
The main goal was to overthrow the dictatorship in order to bring Democray back to Cuba. There were not many premises set by the majority of the groups involved in the struggle.  The constitutional government of an elected President had been violated and most of us just wanted to make the Constitution of 1940 prevail.

What was that – a revolution with the support of the majority of the population or a coup?
Batista was a self appointed general who was running for president at the 1952 elections. Polls showed him at the end of the list  of Presidential candidates with very low popularity ratings, so he decided to contact his military friends and on March 10th, 1952 , a few days before the elections, took power by force sinking the nation in its worst nightmare.

What has played a major role in the establishment of the personality cult – the Castro’s charisma, the instinct of preservation of the nation in transition, especially the national mentality, or something else?
Fidel Castro took over power from a discredited dictatorship on January 1st, 1959,with a very high popularity in the country, about 90% of the population was on his side. At the onset of his government his charisma was a decisive factor, then as the years went by and his opposition grew pure terror has kept him in power.

If Che Guevara responsible for repression, then how can you explain the phenomenon of Che – worldwide fame and popularity?
Che was directly responsible for countless deaths of Cubans who had opposed the revolution during the days of the struggle against the dictatorship and for many others who opposed it after 1959, some of which had fought on the side of the revolution. His philosophy was one of hatred and cruelty. The fact that many cherish his memory now is based on their ignorance of who Che really was or maybe because they know and they share his hate .

In some media, we can find the view that the death of Che was planned by the leadership of the USSR and F. Castro. What can you say about this?
If you study carefully the events that gave rise to the death of Che in Bolivia it is easy to see both the hands of Fidel and the Russians. Che came back from a trip abroad, shortly before his disappearance from public view in Cuba and  had the audacity to talk to the Cuban press who published his comments, about  how resources much needed in the nation were wasted in military mobilizations against an imaginary invasion from the USA. The whole Bolivian adventure was based on  support which was never given and by logistics which never existed. Che died without knowing that his beloved mistress Tania, who was also killed  was a KGB agent but the Russians knew. The figure of a dead Che has been far more valuable to both Castro and the Russians than his life could ever have been.

At what moment of the protection of human rights in each country ceases to be an internal affair of the country and becoming a global significance?
The protection of Human Rights must be  a priority for each country, but it’s a well known fact that some do not care about them, but we are all members of  Humanity so respect for Human Rights becomes OUR problem. A problem of global significance. Most NGOs denounce violations, meet in international forums and debate about them, a lot of theories are put forward but very little action.
The time has arrived for an international network of NGOs and other organizations worried about the subject to come together with a common strategy like boycott for products of viola toting nations etc. If we were to learn from our enemies, we would give rise the FIRST ANTI-COMMUNIST INTERNATIONAL as a possible solution for this problem.

Do you support an appeal of the leaders of some countries to enter restrictive measures against Cuba? What they may be consist? What are the results of this could lead?
If all nations who respect Human Rights would unite in a common front to avoid violations in Cuba they would find ways to at least minimize this crimes against humanity. But for some commercial and political issues prevail and take priority over the suffering of a whole nation.

Is currently dissidence, inside and outside the country, the phenomenon that may change the political situation in Cuba?
Dissidence alone could evolve into a social explosion. We have witnessed this fact many times in the history of the world. But the government with all its power of repression is a difficult enemy. International solidarity with our cause is a key factor, that united with dissidence both inside and outside Cuba will give us victory.

What is you opinion about the future of Cuba ?  How can to heal fidelism of Cuba?
The future of Cuba after Democracy is restored will be an example of how fast a nation can evolve into wealth and financial well being for all its citizens. Tourism will play an important role and also Agriculture, Cuba has  a very fertile soil that can be put to production after a moderate initial investment. Free people work happily.

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