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Secure Board Communication

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Boards of directors require effective communication to establish the company’s goals and assist in achieving those goals. Their communication could reveal sensitive information, including financial data that could prove disastrous in the incorrect hands.

That’s why secure board communication is essential, especially as technology changes the way business functions. In order to achieve this, boards need to act by implementing secure collaboration tools like board portals and real-time messaging platforms. It is also crucial for boards to be able to track and evaluate their own governance performance, which includes their methods for secure communication.

For example a board portal that allows for seamless transitions between informal and formal communications channels, like group chats, email, and texting — is essential for secure board communications. This type of software allows for an encrypted, secure way to collaborate and share files. It also allows for real-time discussion and sharing of files. It should include features that support granular controls for access and deletion as well as encryption protocols and backup.

A secure board portal is vital however, so are safe instant messaging tools and meeting scheduling software. These tools should be easy to use, similar to popular texting, email or phone apps. Additionally, they should include additional security features, such as the ability to remove messages, set contacts, send automatically read notifications and the “view-only” attachment option that blocks exports, downloads, screen captures and forwarding. In addition, they should be backed up across geographically dispersed sites to minimize the risk of losing data.

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