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A proposal for dissolving the European Court of Justice

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) provides that the primacy of European law is absolute. It is applied to all domestic acts of EU Member States, whether adopted before or after the European Act. The primacy also extends to the judiciary. Where national law comes into conflict with European law, the ECJ exercises the highest authority and its decisions are final. The Maastricht Treaty extended the competence of the ECJ so that it can actively enforce compliance with its decisions in relation to states that fail to do so voluntarily (fines, penalties).

European legislation works on the principle of case law. On 12 December 2013, the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg (ECJ) passed judgment in Case C-267/12. It not only put civil partnerships on an equal footing with so-called same-sex “marriages” but even declared these two pseudo unions to be equal to natural marriage between a man and a woman.

The European Court of Justice committed the gravest crime against humanity and against the most basic rights of every citizen and every single nation. Contrary to the Constitutions of the individual European states, it globally legalized a means of autogenocide in the society under the term of “same-sex marriages”. The Constitutions guarantee basic rights and freedoms to all citizens in Europe. The ruling of the European Court abolished these rights and freedoms of all EU citizens. The European Court of Justice has established a uniform state regime superior to all governments and all legislations.

The basic cell of society has always been the family, consisting of husband, wife and children, in all civilizations from the beginning of the world. Without the family, civilization would become extinct. To place a perverse relationship between two men on a level with natural marriage is a sign of insanity and a crime with the aim of completely destroying the family and the nation. This is not about equal rights but about special privileges given to perversion and a direct attack on the family. The very existence of the traditional family is deemed to be discrimination against these pseudo unions of two deviants. The European Court’s decision establishes evil standards and destroys the basic natural principles of law and justice. In addition, it eliminates the normal conditions of life and development of the human personality. Not even the most totalitarian regime that has ever existed dared to legalize such a crime.

Moreover, same-sex marriages are a battering ram which opens the gates to all forms of crime and perversion. This is followed by the legalization of paedophilia, incest, zoophilia, necrophilia, sadomasochism and other forms of so-called sexual orientation, which have become a modern human right. Another pseudo right is the legalization of narcotics, euthanasia…

The gravest consequence is so-called child adoption. The foster family system presupposes the legalization of the stealing of children from normal families.

Today children are given up for adoption primarily to homosexuals. Children thus find themselves in an environment which demoralizes and degrades them.

The so-called same-sex marriages create an environment where evil is accepted as good and perversion as a norm. What is more, homosexuality is spiritual bondage, mental and physical deviance. If such people are entrusted with the care of a child, who uncritically soaks up the atmosphere of the environment, such a child is doomed to become a criminal and a pervert lacking the most basic life principles. A union of two homosexuals, in relation to society, is a dead cell and a source of infection for children who fall victim to these deviants. Additionally, the ultimate goal of these so-called same-sex marriages is to completely oust the family. The pseudo family of deviants is the foundation of a new criminal society based on completely opposite standards leading to self-destruction. Penalization of so-called homophobia has abolished just legislation because it has abolished the presumption of innocence.

The evil system steals children from their parents, gives them to the so-called foster families of deviants, and the parents must earn and pay money to these criminals who devastate their own children! And what about the property which their children were to inherit? Will it be forfeited to the state or to the European Court of Justice or to the supranational caste? This is total incarnation of injustice in all relationships and life principles. It is a regime worse than colonialism and slavery. Legalization of same-sex marriages turns all human standards upside down; crime and lawlessness are made law and innocent victms are punished. Such a degree of crime was not seen even under the most brutal dictatorship that has ever existed in the world. This is satanization of Europe and planned genocide. These crimes are heavier than the crimes of the fascist bosses and fascist beasts convicted at Nuremberg. New norms – anti-conscience – are being inculcated in people’s minds – cynicism and selfishness. Moral people are doomed to total injustice because there will be no institution or law which would defend them. People will be under the rule of total crime and injustice.

The basis of homosexual laws, including the so-called anti-discrimination laws, is that a victim is punished and crime is labelled as a right. These laws form the new principles of life, a new way of thinking and a state regime tantamount to hell. The new generation brought up on these principles will be satanized and conscienceless. It will destroy itself without war. This is the aim of the architects of the so-called New World Order – a holocaust of the planet.

Mutual love in human relations will be replaced by hatred, trust by suspicion, justice by injustice, gratitude by revenge. Human nature will be degraded below the level of animals, to the level of demons. Animals are guided by instincts placed in them by God. Man devoid of conscience and common sense becomes a demon incarnate. The social principle which replaces the normal family with so-called same-sex marriages establishes a new kind of society, an autogenocidal and inhuman one. This self-destruction is achieved through psychological manipulation of so-called positive terms. One speaks about “rights of children” or “rights of women”, and this is in fact a disguise for the cruellest tyranny and crimes against children and women – mothers.

So-called amended legislation, which is a professional fraud, contains a number of vague and ambiguous terms incomprehensible even to lawyers. They are interpreted according to the prevailing ideology. Today it is the perverted gender ideology.

The Book of Revelation describes the rule of the beast that took the power of all the rulers of the world and blasphemed everything that is holy (cf. Rev 13). At the present time, we are witnesses to all God-given principles being perverted.

Just laws based on God’s commandments create the conditions for sound relationships. Evil is called evil and good is called good. The truth is called the truth and a lie a lie.

The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate in this critical hour appeals to all the Governments within the European Union to refuse to accept the ruling of the European Court of Justice, which is autogenocidal for them. Instead, demand that the European Court of Justice as a criminal organization worse than the fascist system should be dissolved.

+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr               + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops

Lvov (Ukraine), 15 December 2013

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