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“Geopolitics of XXI century will be cosmo-humanist in its essence” – about the power of information and policy of millennium III with acad. Albert Ignatenko

Mr acad. Albert Ignatenko, from Alvin Toffler so far, most of us know that information means power, or more precisely, who owns the information, leads the world(dictum found also on the header of your site). At the same time, the last decades have shown us that much information, actually means less information.  Read More »

Romania – China: from an agenda of good intentions to concrete results ?

At the beginning of midsummer agenda Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta included an Asian tour, during which he had several bilateral meetings among the most significant being the counterpart Chinese – Li Keqiang, the head of government in Hong Kong – Leung Chun-ying and even the new president of China, Xi Jinping.  Read More »

Romanian assault in China

Infrastructure, telecommunications, energy, and cultural exchanges. These were key areas that have been targeted by officials from Bucharest in an action that could be called a true assault in China. The preparation was maked early, in spring, by Constantin Nita, Minister of Energy, and recently, a big government delegation led by Prime Minister Victor Ponta has landed to Beijing. And not only there.  Read More »

What Romanians want

At a time where my fellow European members of the Conservative party have just gathered in Bucharest for the European People’s Party (EPP) Congress summit, it is important to establish some facts around the context in which this meeting took  place.   Read More »

September 11: An Intelligence Failure

Ten years after the 9/11 events people still ask themselves: how could this happen in a system that was believed to be the most secure in the world? The present paper’s aim is to analyse whether the terrorist attacks that occurred on September, the 11th , 2001 over the U.S. homeland could have been stopped or even prevented by the American intelligence community.  Read More »

How Much the Minimum Wage Should Be and Why

The governing programme of the Ponta Cabinet stipulates a revision of the Labour Code, of the public sector unified salary law, and of the three-party agreement on the gross minimum wages for 2012-2016, as well as the amendment of the Social Dialogue Act.  Read More »

A Change of Regime

Much to everybody’s surprise, the MRU government got dismissed. Obviously, conspiracy theories were no late in emerging. According to them, this is a “strategic withdrawal to previously planned positions,” a “trap” set by master strategist Traian Băsescu, in which the stupid opposition fell like fools, and PD will be reborn after the parliamentary election with its true value acknowledged. I’m... 

The Timoc Valley is a region inhabited by Romanians ever since the Roman occupation Interview with Mr. Tiberius PUIU

Tiberius PUIU is a journalist and a translator, a member of the Romanian Society of Balkan and Slavic Studies and of the Association of Scandinavian and Baltic Studies. He published a book on “Ukraine and the Ukrainians,” which gives an objective account of the history of Ukraine and tackles the issue of the Holodomor, the great famine of 1933. He was awarded an honorary diploma by the Ukrainian... 

„The incomes of the physician should be three times higher than the average salary in the country“ Interview with prof Mircea Cinteză Ph. D

Prof. Mircea Cinteză, Ph.D., a prominent cardiologist with extensive experience, is a professor of Cardiology and Internal Medicine with the Cardiology and Internal Medicine Department of the “Carol Davila” Medical and Pharmacy University in Bucharest; head of the Cardiology Ward of the Bucharest University Emergency Hospital; since 1996 he has been a member of the “Carol Davila” Medical and... 

USL will launch an micro-industrialisation programme Interview with Deputy Constantin Niţă, vicepresident SPD, president of the Social Democratic Party, Braşov County

Deputy Constantin Niţă, do you think re-establishing a ministry for SMEs would be a useful idea? What is vital for small and medium-sized enterprises is not a special ministry, but rather a business-friendly legislative framework. This has not been the case over the past few years, and statistics indicate an alarming number of bankruptcies filed by SMEs – around 100,000 SMEs have been wound up... 
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